Kushtia Jhaudia Shahi Mosque is an example of Mughal period

Own Correspondent: Zamindar Shah Sufi Ahmad Ali alias Adari Mia built the mosque at Jhaudia village of Kushtia Sadar Police Station during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. It is a wonderful example of Mughal art. Currently, the government’s archeology department is preserving it.

The mosque is located at Jhaudia village, about 25 km southwest of Kushtia town, between Jhenaidah and Kushtia districts. Hundreds of visitors come every day to see it. The place became famous for the arrival of tourists. However, there are not many opportunities for them. No place to rest.

Despite the fact that the place is spectacular, tourists cannot stay even if they come as there are not enough facilities for the visitors. On the other hand, the mosque is losing its splendor as it has not been renovated for a long time.

According to locals, the Jhaudia Shahi Mosque has five lovely domes. There are four aesthetic minarets at the four corners and two minarets at the entrance. It is an installation with wonderful artistic craftsmanship, which easily fascinates everyone.

History says that Jhaudia village is a secluded village of Jhaudia union of EB police station of Kushtia Sadar upazila. The traditional Shahi Mosque was established in this village during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan. Three hundred years ago today, Emperor Shah Jahan bore the cost of building this mosque. At that time Shah Sufi Adari Mia Chowdhury conducted the construction work.

Shah Sufi Adari Mia Chowdhury, a missionary from the subcontinent, died at the age of 85. After his death in 1989, Hasan Chowdhury handed over the mosque to the Archaeological Department under a registry agreement with the then government.

According to the agreement, Hasan Ali Chowdhury or his descendants will be the caretaker of the mosque. At present his descendants are in the mosque committee. They are running the mosque.

Numerous people from different parts of the country visited the mosque. There is no place to hold people, especially every Friday. So some cottage industries have developed around the mosque.

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