Pabna Covid live news update: Victoria’s seven deaths include 15-year-old girl

Police have made several arrests as anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine protesters attempted to congregate near a park in Melbourne’s inner-north, reports AAP.

Officers significantly outnumbered the would-be demonstrators, as the mounted branch circled Princes Park in Carlton North and the air wing hovered above.


Organisers made multiple attempts to meet at other locations using an encrypted social media channel before giving up just before 2pm.

“Today has been called. The police have succeeded temporarily in squashing the Melbourne protest movement. We need better strategies to get the numbers together,” a post read.

Some more details on that NSW social housing announcement we mentioned earlier, from AAP.

The NSW government will accelerate the construction of hundreds of social housing projects to provide shelter for the vulnerable and create jobs for tradies.

It’s the latest step in the state’s economic recovery as lockdowns ease.

Treasurer Matt Kean on Saturday pledged $183m to fast track the build of 1,400 new homes in western Sydney, Coffs Harbour and Wagga Wagga.

“This will help us bounce back better because it will create 1100 new construction jobs, largely in western Sydney,” he said.

The waitlist for social housing in NSW is currently 50,000 strong.

The news was immediately welcomed by the housing sector.

Shelter NSW CEO John Engeler tweeted that “any day when more vulnerable people get access to secure, affordable housing is a good day.”

Community Housing Industry Association CEO Mark Degotardi said it was welcome news for the thousands of families waiting up to 10 years for a safe home.

“In previous years a string of state governments failed to invest in building new social housing, and that’s left our state in a dire situation today.

“Our state will need 5,000 new homes every year for the next decade if we are to keep pace with soaring demand.

“It’s great to see this government stepping up to tackle the escalating housing crisis.”

Degotardi earlier spoke at a press conference alongside Labor leader Chris Minns, who said he was “thrilled” at the announcement.

Social housing was a key plank in the opposition leader’s budget reply speech, delivered this week.

The support package includes $20m for 45 new homes for large Aboriginal families, and another $20m for new and upgraded social and affordable homes through the Aboriginal Community Housing Investment Fund.

An extra 990 households will get the benefit of $10m in rent assistance.

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