Chhatra League leader’s new wife came to Magura by helicopter! Creation of excitement

Md. Morshed Alam, Rajshahi Correspondent: After 18 long years, the members of the banned East Bengal Communist Party (ML) are going to march in Bagmara, Rajshahi, again calling for the elimination of class enemies and unity of the members of the force.

They are trying to organize in Bagmara again by putting up posters. Their actions have caused outrage among the locals. Although the proletariat has created such activities in the area, the members of the law enforcement agencies are not showing much activity.

The people of the area are not opening their mouths for fear. The members of the extremist group want to turn the bloody town of Bagmara from Bagmara of peace to Bagmara of unrest again.

Many in the area feel that the Union Parishad can carry out such activities to create panic in the area ahead of the elections. The people of the area have called on the members of the law enforcement agencies to eradicate them with a firm hand before raising their heads. However, members of the law enforcement force are active, said Bagmara Police Station OC Mostaq Ahmed.

It is learned that at some point on the night of August 15, the members of the banned extremist group put up posters on the walls of various shops in Ektara Bazar of Yogipara Union of the upazila. In the morning, people in the market actually see the posters of the extremists. In addition to the walls, they hang the posters with ropes in different areas. After seeing the posters in the morning, there was a mixed reaction in the area again.

It is learned that the people of the area do not want to open their mouths due to such activities. In 2004, when the then four-party alliance BNP was in power in Natore’s Naldanga Upazila, Minister Ruhul Quddus Talukder brutally murdered Dulu’s nephew Pakhi O Gamma at noon at the hands of members of an outlawed extremist group.

At that time, Minister Ruhul Quddus Talukder Dulu took revenge on the top MPs and ministers of the four-party alliance to avenge the murder of his nephews. Bangladesh (JMB) members loosened.

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